Georg Nolte

Georg Nolte is a law professor at Hum­boldt University Berlin. He teaches international law, German and comparative constitutional law, and European law. His research interests focus on general questions of international law at the intersection of political science. As a member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations, he combines theory and practice. His recent pub­lica­tions in­clude ‘The Charter of the United Nations: A Commentary’, Oxford 2012, (co.-ed. with Bruno Simma, Daniel-Erasmus Khan und Andreas Paulus). Georg Nolte earned his doctorate and his “Habilitation” at the University of Heidelberg. Before going to Berlin he was the professor at the Uni­ver­sities of Munich and Göttingen, a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford, and at the Wissenschafts­kollegzu Berlin (Centre for Advanced Stu­dies, Berlin), as well as Visiting Professor at Université Paris II – Panthéon-Assas). From 2000-2007 he was a member of the European Commission for De­mo­cracy through Law of the Council of Europe (‘Venice Commission’). At Princeton, he will be working on the informal development of treaties and their interpretation through the subsequent practice of their par­ties.